Help me pls

I kno you guys don’t kno me or care what I do but idk what to do anymore I want to just kill myself and be gone I feel lik no one would even notice or care I need advice or help from anyone idk what to do anymore I’ve been cutting on and off for a while now and sometimes I just pray I cut to deep or that ill go to sleep and never wake up what to I do I can’t live lik this anymore


I’m not much of a blogger but every now and then I have things I just need to get out I kno everyone has problems and yes life is hard I get it I lose someone who ment the world to me. My first love, first kiss, the one who changed the way I thought about everything and made a huge impact on my life not only that someone I knew my hole life and now that one person is gone This still feels like a dream and that it’s not real at all and it’s so hard to realize that I’ve lost someone very special to me and your missed so much I think about her everyday and it’s just so hard to realize I’m not goin to c u or have your arms around me making me feel lik everything would b ok

Gotta get it off my chest

I try and stay strong and hide how upset I am but I feel lik I’m always goin to feel worthless and helpless I cry alot more then a person should and cutting? well lately it’s a everyday thing depression is getting worse… Suiside? Yes I considered it many times I used to b a strong girl a happy girl and was happier then I ever was but then she broke my heart and alot has happened since then things started to fall apart idk what to do anymore honestly